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European Suppliers Book is a new tool dedicated to support Suppliers of promotional products in their export activities. ESB functions priamrilly as advertising catalogue and a handy database combined, using at the additional forms of distribution aiming at stregthening promotion of your company at promotional products market in Europe. Comprehensiveness of offered services makes it the only solution of this kind in Europe.

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Savety first!!!

Savety first!!! Driving Regulation (Art. 57, Paragraph 2) states that: Vehicle lights, windows and rear view mirrors must be kept clean at all times. Failure to do this and driving with only partially cleaned windows, lights and mirrors, endangers not only driver but also other road users and pedestrians. It is a road traffic offence and may result in loss of driving

BALLPRINT Enlightening message

BALLPRINT Enlightening message If you would like to present your brand in the best light, you should select the CREE LED flashlight. Its special feature: At full zoom, the respective company logo is projected onto illuminated

Silk or polyester ties with a woven logo.

Silk or polyester ties with a woven logo. The logo is made when the fabric is woven; it may appear on the outside or inside, in a single, or repeated pattern. The logo may be made on the label stitched to the back of the tie. Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces.


The WAGUS-EXERCISE-BAND - ADVERTISING WITH WELLNESS This „pocket-sized gym“ is the perfect medium for getting across your advertising message. Small, light, fits perfectly in an envelope, useful, can be used anywhere and most important inexpensive. This exercise bands can be produced absolute customer specific with a customized exercise guidance sheet. Min. quantity for 1c-print on the band is

Free View

Free View Ice scrapers make useful advertising gifts particularly in the cold winter months. Customised with logo and advertising message they ensure a clear view in the name of the promoting

A classic style with new glamour

A classic style with new glamour White is back and one of the latest fashion colours. CI Pencils is taking up this trend and produces in Germany and the EU noble pencils with Swarovski crystals and a white painting. In combination with a metallic embossing or a perfect printing it thus becomes an elegant

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